Why Use TwitWipe?

Your Privacy Is Important

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court of law!" You've heard that a million times in all the movies you've watched, but that isn't only applicable to the movies. You have the right to your own privacy and you should exercise it. You should be able to decide who has your data and who is able to see it. Just because it's social, doesn't mean it's open for the whole world to see.

Your Job Depends On It

A job can be a stressful thing. You're free to say whatever about it you want, whenever you want. But you need to be careful about what you say about your employer or co-worker. In the age of social media, a background check for a new job (or even your current one) can involve a thorough check of your online presence as well as your offline and past. Any little bit of a rant could mean the end of your job or even your career!

Your Relationship Is At Stake!

Your girlfriend/boyfriend or wife/husband is probably following you. Or at least keeping a check on what you do online! And that's understandable. However, it's also understandable that you need to be a little careful about what you say online, lest it rubs your spouse in the wrong manner. Nobody wants any misunderstandings. Nobody likes to come home and end up sleeping on the couch! Also, one more word: parents!

The NSA is reading everything

Since 2001, the US government's National Security Agency (NSA) has been running a massive dragnet surveillance of domestic communications and they've been tapping into the communications records of millions of ordinary Americans in the name of security. This is illegal and it wasn't until 2013 that it was exposed to the public. Everything is getting archived and logged, so it's best to keep a watch on what you say and do online - or big brother will do it for you!

Some things are better left unsaid...

Twitter has been around for a while and a lot of us had an early start. We may all have said things in the past which we don't necessarily feel proud of. We're not pinpointing, but freedom of speech online can lead to a lot of hatred, racism, bullying, bigotry, sexism, classism and other offensive content online that's going to hurt someone, somewhere in the world. Let's endeavour to clean up the internet by wiping away all the hate and cleansing your Twitter account. Be at peace!

Changing company focus?

There's no point in reinventing the wheel, but it's a great idea to reinvent yourself to accommodate for the changes in the industry landscape and stay relevant. The company focus may be solid, but if your target audience doesn't exist anymore, it's time to take another look at the company vision and maybe adjust the perspective. Or maybe you can even completely change everything about your company but keep the name and social media accounts.

Repurposing an old account

You may have had a Twitter account for a long time and you were probably using it as an RSS feed outlet or maybe just a test account for some app. Maybe you woke up one fine day and decided that account deserved better and wanted to go ahead and use it. A good, thorough cleaning of the tweets should be good to get you started with that!

Sometimes, it's good to start over

Everything doesn't always go according to plan. Several thousand tweets later, you may realise that the content and attitude of your Twitter account have taken a wrong turn. To your existing followers and anyone who's seen it all before, there's not much that can be done, but it doesn't have to be that way for your new followers and new target audience. Everything reset gives you a fresh start with a fresh set of people. And for existing followers, it will be a welcome change!