How It Works

TwitWipe is very simple to use. All you really have to do is sign into it using your Twitter account and then click one button to let it go ahead and wipe all your tweets.

First, you need to sign in using Twitter. After that, you'll get a 'TwitWipe this account' button and a confirmation and disclaimer and all that yada yada.

About signing in: TwitWipe uses oAuth, so you don't need to give out your password for this to happen. If you're signed into Twitter, this will directly ask you for permissions. If you're not signed in, it will take you to and ask you to sign in to proceed. As usual, check that the website URL in the location bar is indeed "" and the padlock or security icon is present before typing your password in!

You can watch TwitWipe in action in this video below, made by the popular social media news website, Mashable:

Wasn't that easy?

And remember: If you ever run into any sort of a problem with TwitWipe not working or if you're generally not sure how to go about it, write in to us using our support form and we'll try our best to help you out!

Behind The Scenes

What would you do if you had to manually clean up your Twitter account? You'd sit with a cup of coffee or a beer and delete each tweet one by one.

TwitWipe doesn't really do anything far different. It simply deletes each tweet one by one. It does so a little faster than you'd be able to do it by hand, because it makes several hundred requests to the Twitter server every minute. Once there are no more tweets left, it'll tell you that everything is done!

Not exactly rocket science, is it!