What is TwitWipe?

TwitWipe is a web app to delete all the tweets posted in a particular Twitter account. It can be used to wipe an account clean and return to 'factory' state, without actually deleting the account itself. It only deletes the tweets that the account has posted and not what others have posted about the account.

What does TwitWipe delete?

TwitWipe deletes tweets posted by the users account, any retweets made by this account and any favorites of other accounts' tweets. This includes tweets with pictures, videos, audio or any links to other sites. All replies and mentions of other accounts are also deleted. Basically, anything you see on your account's profile page can and will be deleted.

Will I lose my followers and people I'm following?

No! TwitWipe only deletes the tweets, retweets, favorites, etc., so all your followers are intact and still following you. They'll never even know the difference. Even the people you are following will be left intact.

How can I get rid of mentions and random tags?

If other people tweet mentions and tag you in their tweets, TwitWipe can't remove them, because they aren't posted by your account. The only way to get rid of mentions--other than politely asking people to delete those particular tweets--is to block them. Harsh, but it is what it is.

Are retweets and favorites also removed?

Yup! Retweets are pretty much the same as regular tweets (as they appear on your stream) and favorites are similar. They'll both be washed away when TwitWipe is doing its thing.

Can I use TwitWipe on my phone?

Sure - TwitWipe works just fine on any modern mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. You'll just have to be careful to not do too many other things in the background, or the browser may get killed by the operating system to free up memory for what you're doing!

Is there a TwitWipe app for iOS or Android?

Nope, not at present. TwitWipe works on mobile devices without any modification, so an app is a bit of an unnecessary effort. Still, if we get plenty of requests, we'll consider developing an app that makes it even easier to use on the phones!

Can I use TwitWipe for commercial accounts?

Yes. There are no restrictions as of now for any commercial use of TwitWipe. You may use it for commercial, non-profit as well as personal accounts as many times as you wish without changing anything.

Can't find your an answer to your question here?

We're sorry that this page wasn't able to answer your specific question. This FAQ will be constantly updated as we receive more questions about TwitWipe. Till then, you may use the support form to contact us for a more personal response.